Hank Moody’s Workout Attire

David Duchovny as Hank Moody on Californication, out for a run in Venice Beach in

David Duchovny as Hank Moody on Californication, out for a run in Venice Beach in “So Here’s the Thing…” (Ep. 3.07).


David Duchovny as Hank Moody, borderline alcoholic novelist and womanizing college professor

Venice Beach, Fall 2009

Series: Californication
Episode: “So Here’s the Thing…” (Episode 3.07)
Air Date: November 8, 2009
Director: John Dahl
Costume Designer: Peggy A. Schnitzer


For all of the drinking, smoking, drug abuse, and generally self-destructive hedonism that makes up his self-loathing lifestyle, Hank Moody is still in pretty good shape. He manages to avoid the flab that any of the rest of us—including Charles Bukowski, the inspiration for his character—would have obtained. His only trip to the gym, in the first season, was spent lounging in jeans and puffing away on a cigarette until an old “girlfriend” called him into the ring. Perhaps all the bed-hopping counts as exercise?

By the middle of the third season, newly ordained college professor Hank has naturally lined up the dean’s wife, his T.A., and a voluptuous student who—because this is Californication—is also a stripper. Of course, he still pines for his Karen and determines to clean up his act. In the well-titled “So Here’s the Thing…” (Ep. 3.07), Hank begins the episode by going out on a run with Charlie. Neither man looks right; Hank looks a bit too cool to be comfortable running, and Charlie just looks like Charlie. He’s decided to break up with each of his side dishes (hence “Here’s the thing”, which is how most of us men begin an attempt to weasel out of an undesired relationship) and stay healthy for his family.

What’d He Wear?

The episode presents a rare glimpse of Hank Moody wearing shorts rather than his trademark jeans (The only other occasion will be in season four when he goes golfing with this lawyers.) Of course, since this is Hank, he’s not just going to wear gym shorts, sneakers, and an old t-shirt he got for free a few years ago…. which is what I do.

Hank layers his shirts, wearing a stone gray short-sleeve cotton t-shirt over a lighter gray long-sleeve thermal shirt. The darker short-sleeve shirt is likely one of his James Perse “Standard” shirts, and it appears almost purple in some lighting. The thermal shirt has long, elasticized cuffs and the usual waffle pattern seen on shirts like this.

Hank’s shorts are a little more questionable. Though not the traditional and unfortunate jorts (or Never Nude-esque cutoffs), they do look like Hank took a pair of scissors to a pair of very old and very dark jeans. Although they are lightweight, I still can’t imagine that it would be comfortable running in any sort of denim. The wash is a dark charcoal blue.

Hanks and Runks, mid-workout.

Hanks and Runks, mid-workout.

The shorts extend to just above his knees, leaving the kneecaps exposed then covering up the calves with a pair of high socks. Hank’s socks are light gray with three white bands around the top of the calf.

Returning after going nearly an entire season unseen, Hank wears a pair of brown leather Puma sneakers with white soles, taupe “formstrip” stripes, and brown laces. The Pumas may be the most athletic-appropriate part of the whole outfit, although leather shoes like this are not typically worn for running.

Hank accessorizes with both of his usual bracelets on his left wrist; the black leather studded strap that closes with a silver snap (ew, that rhymes) and a thinner black leather braid, kept permanently tied. Hank’s silver ring remains on his right index finger as well.

In lieu of sunglasses, Hank also wears a dark blue short-brimmed straw summer trilby with a blue abstract-printed ribbon. It looks like the same hat he wore in “California Son” during the flashbacks.


Go Big or Go Home

Hank’s workout is very simple, consisting of running for a few blocks, then stopping for a cigarette. Some may say neither is worth the effort.

How to Get the Look

This is a little more efficient for working out than Hank’s usual t-shirt and jeans, but it still would clash for someone looking for a heavy workout. This sort of attire would probably be better for the sort of person who wants to be seen running before hopping into an Arby’s “because I earned it”.

Hank and Charlie. Based on attire and general appearance, guess which one of these two dudes gets laid more.

Hank and Charlie. Based on attire and general appearance, guess which one of these two dudes gets laid more.

  • Stone gray short-sleeve cotton t-shirt
  • Light gray thermal long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Dark charcoal blue cut-off shorts with jeans-style seams and side pockets
  • Dark brown leather Puma sneakers with taupe side trim, brown laces, and white soles
  • Light gray calf socks with three white bands
  • Silver spinner ring, worn on the right index finger
  • Black leather bracelet with silver hexagonal and round studs, snapped on the left wrist
  • Thin black braided leather bracelet, tied on the left wrist
  • Dark blue short-brimmed straw trilby with blue printed ribbon

Do Yourself a Favor and…

Check out out the third season, but keep in mind that the first two seasons were the best (in my opinion, of course). The third season finale was also pretty spot-on, but quality declined by degrees each subsequent season. I still haven’t even seen the last one.

The Quote

Shit, I can get this done in one day: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Then home for some cybersex with the soul mate.


Hank’s bracelets are available through Urban Wrist. Hank and Charlie’s dialogue can also be watched on YouTube.

If you’re curious about what sort of climate a running outfit like this would be comfortable in, this scene was filmed in Venice Beach on June 2, 2009. This is late spring/early summer throughout most of the U.S., and L.A.’s recorded temperature for that day was an average of 76 °F with a dew point of 56 °F and little wind. I think it’s safe to say that Dave was probably sweating quite a bit after filming a few takes running in such dark and relatively heavy clothing.


  1. Mohammed

    I agree that one should try to make their own style but sometimes, we do want to look like someone else, right? For example, I would like to look like Dirty Harry, Raylan Givens or Jack Carter. I do understand that using the exact same article of clothing may not achieve the same look but I could use a slightly altered version, which would give the same effect. For example, Dirty Harry’s brown sportcoat in Magnum Force has big lapels, which would not work on someone not as tall (like myself) but I could get more or less the same effect by choosing smaller lapels (maybe).

    Also, are fedoras (I mean the classic ones, not the modern, hipster-type trilby) really not suitable? Yes, I guess they are not worn appropriately these days; I really dislike the way hats are worn today, with skinny jeans and tight t-shirts etc., but surely, with the right clothing (suit & tie plus overcoat), one could make a fedora work? Remember, Bogart was not tall (I’m 2 cm taller at 176 cm, hehe!) and it suited him very well, thus I would say the requirement of being tall to make a hat work (as for cowboy hats) does not apply here. Whaddaya think?

  2. john

    You’d definitely get some looks wearing that to the gym. I’d only do it as a farce in protest of working out.

  3. Jovan

    Personal style or not, I’m not enamoured of fedoras being worn with t-shirts. Especially to work out. The baseball cap is better suited to the task.

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