I like the Internet

There are tons of incredible sites out there, some that I use as sources and some that I just like to read.

Primer is the “guy’s guide to growing up,” with insightful tips on style and development that every man should read. In addition to style guidance and suggestions, Primer offers authentic advice designed to ease men into a happy life of stylish comfort and practical responsibility. It’s one of the few sites that I visit daily, if not even more frequently! (I’m honored to be a contributing writer at Primer. My first article, (00)7 Secrets of James Bond’s Timeless Style, was published in May 2017.)

Iconic Alternatives is an excellent site for finding affordable options for a lot of the clothes we talk about here. Their articles focus on the specific individual pieces worn by some of our favorite style icons, like Daniel Craig’s James Bond Harrington jacket and black cardigan or the blue shawl collar cardigan and Harrington jacket made popular by Steve McQueen. Plus, they work hard to regularly update their posts with the best budget alternatives currently on the market so it’s easy to find exactly what your looking for.

I’ve been honored to appear as a guest several times on Pete Brooker’s phenomenal podcast From Tailors with Love, an entertaining celebration of cinematic style in the Bond universe and beyond. To hear yours truly joining the conversation, check out:

  • Episode 79: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) – The Steve McQueen Catalogue
  • Episode 113: One Night in Miami | In Conversation with Key Costumer Juliana Hoffpauir
  • Episode 117: The Austin Powers Series, Part 1
  • Episode 119: The Austin Powers Series, Part 2
  • Episode 138Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – A Style Study
  • Episode 147: Fight Club – All Style, All Substance, That Robe, That Red Jacket & Brands Revealed

Matt Spaiser’s The Suits of James Bond—now Bond Suits—is an invaluable resource for Bond fans, especially sartorial Bond fans. His research is unmatched, his articles are fascinating, and he knows exactly what he’s talking about. Not only does he cover Bond’s suits, but all attire worn in every Bond film, as well as some 007-esque clothes in other works, such as North by NorthwestThe Saint, Remington Steele, and The Avengers (the TV show, not the Marvel movies).

Pete and Matt also collaborated on From Tailors With Love, an essential volume for fans of Bond and style. Order a copy!

Okay, so you read about the stuff, now you want to buy it? Bond Lifestyle is the perfect resource to find and buy the clothes and accessories worn by everyone’s favorite British agent. And his girlfriends. And his enemies. It’s a brilliant resource for your online shopping.

My friend Caleb curates Commando Bond, exploring the intersection between firearms and fashion in the world of 007. Check out his blog and follow him on Instagram: @commandobond.

Bond fans should check out The James Bond Dossier, a great source for all 007-related information and news.

My friend Gabe gained a quick following for his comprehensive and entertaining exploration of style on The Sopranos, specifically the boss himself, with his follow-worthy Instagram account @tonysopranostyle. He’s also growing his own line of clothing that you can check out here!

Sven Raphael Schneider’s Gentleman’s Gazette has many excellent entries about how to dress like a true gentleman, defining the types of clothes a man should own and wear, and breaking down the attire of some characters featured on this blog. For men interested in learning about formalwear and how to do it right, Peter Marshall’s The Black Tie Guide (now incorporated into Gentleman’s Gazette) is the definitive online resource for anything you need to know. This covers everything, from contemporary white tie and black tie to etiquette and style history.

The folks at Clothes on Film cover film costumes (of course!) from everything to classic films to flicks not even in theaters yet. With exclusive interviews with costumers and a fresh, knowledgable perspective, Clothes on Film presents the definitive site for movie costume information.

If you’re looking for a fun blog with tons of info and insight regarding (but not limited to) beautiful watches, vintage typewriters, and classic movies—mixed in with excellent writing—read The Teeritz Agenda, a one-of-a-kind and incredible blog maintained by Teeritz, whose comments on BAMF Style have both helped and entertained. The writing will entertain you and the photos will transport you to a classier era.

This has nothing to do (not really, at least) with movie costumes or anything, but TV Tropes is a brilliant site that breaks down – in wiki format – tropes commonly used in movies, TV shows, plays, books, anime, video games, and even real life. For an example, check out the Mad Men page. Unless you’re unfamiliar with the show, then you can naturally search for whatever medium you’re familiar with. TV Tropes is a great resource especially for writers. Chances are, if you’re tired of seeing the same thing over and over in movies and TV, so are they. Honestly, I go to this site just for a few seconds to look something up and a few hours later, I’m pulling myself away.

Some of you may have noticed my strong interest in Depression-era outlaws like Dillinger, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde. Frank Ballinger manages an excellent site on the latter: Bonnie and Clyde’s Hideout. The site has anecdotes, news clippings, and rarely-seen photos that tell the story of the Barrow Gang from their ancestors through today. If it has anything to do with the outlaw couple, you’ll find it on the Hideout!

And, finally, if you feel so inclined, please consider lending BAMF Style some financial support by way of Patreon. Patreon is a great resource for many artists and content creators, and I’m pleased to be a member of the Patreon community!


  1. Stephen

    Great blog. Thank you. As an addition to your other blog suggestions you could try Simon Compton`s “Permanent Style”. One of the best blogs on modern tailoring….Simon completes projects by getting suits, shoes etc. hand made and shares the journey through photographs and interviews as well as more general posts on subjects such as shirts, cloth, bespoke style etc. He is also generous with his time re advice. Thanks again. Best Wishes. Stephen.

  2. Jack Winston

    Here’s a challenge – What is the brand, model # of the sunglasses Leo DiCaprio wears in Blood Diamond? The Internet says Ray Ban Caravan Aviators, but they’re not. Caravan’s have more square lenses. The ones in the movie are aviators, but have rectangular lenses which are thinner in the middle and wider at the edges. Can’t find them anywhere and Internet blogs have it wrong…



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