Don Draper Lookbook

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in a promotion for season 3 of Mad Men

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in a promotion for season 3 of Mad Men


Jon Hamm as Don Draper, mysterious advertising creative director

New York City, throughout the 1960s

Series: Mad Men
Creator: Matthew Weiner
Costume Designer: Janie Bryant

It should come as no surprise to BAMF Style readers that Mad Men is one of my favorite TV shows of all time, both on its own merit and from a style-centric perspective. Costume designer Janie Bryant beautifully brought to life men’s and women’s fashions of the 1960s from the sleek suits of the Madison Avenue set to their weekend knitwear in the suburbs.

While I’ll continue taking individual looks at particular outfits, episodes, and characters in the Sterling Cooper orbit, I felt the web—and the many Mad Men fans on it—needed a comprehensive, one-stop resource to flip through all of Don Draper’s outfits across the series, whether its his quintessential “man in the gray flannel suit” look in the office, his comfortable sport shirts and sweaters on the weekend, or the hard-wearing flannel and denim he wears before a major epiphany.

As suits may be what Draper is best known for, his suits will be numbered in their order of introduction so that his most frequently worn suits can be tracked across the episodes and seasons of the show.

Season 1

March to November 1960

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (Episode 1.01)


“Ladies Room” (Episode 1.02)


“Marriage of Figaro” (Episode 1.03)


“New Amsterdam” (Episode 1.04)


“5G” (Episode 1.05)


“Babylon” (Episode 1.06)


“Red in the Face” (Episode 1.07)


“The Hobo Code” (Episode 1.08)


“Shoot” (Episode 1.09)


“Long Weekend” (Episode 1.10)


“Indian Summer” (Episode 1.11)


“Nixon vs. Kennedy” (Episode 1.12)


“The Wheel” (Episode 1.13)


Season 2

February to October 1962

“For Those Who Think Young” (Episode 2.01)

Comments: “For Those Who Think Young” suggests that Don Draper has replaced his previous womanizing with a dedication to building his business, wearing only variations of somber, dark gray business suits—none of which we’ve seen before—in the second season premiere.

“Flight 1” (Episode 2.02)

Comments: “Flight 1” continues the second season premiere’s tradition of introducing even more new gray suits into Don Draper’s closet with this high-buttoning 3-button suit that wouldn’t be seen again until the fourth season.

“The Benefactor” (Episode 2.03)

Comments: “The Benefactor” adds yet another dark gray suit to the mix, this one differentiated by its 3-button jacket with 3-button cuffs, which would get considerably more wear when brought back in the fourth season. We also see the first instance of Don repeating one of his new gray business suits when the “shiny” wool suit reappears from the season premiere.

“Three Sundays” (Episode 2.04)

Comments: “Three Sundays” is the first episode of the second season where Don doesn’t introduce a new suit.

“The New Girl” (Episode 2.05)

Comments: Despite the second season’s penchant for introducing a number of new gray suits to Don Draper’s closet, this brown suit emerges as one of his favorite go-tos after being worn for four consecutive episodes, reappearing in the finale. The light gray thin-striped Calvin Klein suit he had worn for two memorable episodes during the first season is decidedly ruined when Don crashes his car with Bobbie Barrett.

“Maidenform” (Episode 2.06)

“The Gold Violin”
(Episode 2.07)

Comments: “The Gold Violin” contains the first flashbacks to the ’50s that feature Don Draper—er, Dick Whitman—dressed in civilian clothing. All of Don’s pre-Sterling Cooper wardrobe will be addressed in a separate section of this lookbook so as not to break the sense of continuity.

“A Night to Remember”
(Episode 2.08)

Comments: Don Draper wears his four most recently introduced suits in “A Night to Remember”, and none of these suits would ever be seen again. The episode marks the only appearance for this shiny dark gray suit (with a full three-button jacket and flat front trousers to differentiate it from the more commonly seen “shiny” suit this season) and the light gray semi-solid wool suit featured in the ending sequence.

“Six-Month Leave” (Episode 2.09)

Comments: A few veteran suits return for “Six-Month Leave” once Draper’s on his own, including the gray subtle plaid summer suit and silky windowpane suit that had both been mainstays of his first-season style.

“The Inheritance” (Episode 2.10)

“The Jet Set”
(Episode 2.11)

“The Mountain King”
(Episode 2.12)

“Meditations in an Emergency”
(Episode 2.13)

Comments: Though not worn in the final scenes, Don once again wears a brown suit during the season finale, a tradition he would continue through the end of the sixth season.

Season 3

April to December 1963

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Season 4

November 1964 to October 1965

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Season 5

May 1966 to April 1967

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Season 6

December 1967 to November 1968

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Season 7, Part 1

January to July 1969

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Season 7, Part 2

April to November 1970

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