Suggestions and Feedback

“I wore a pretty great tux in To Catch A Thief. Will you be doing a post on that anytime soon?”

I’m always looking for new BAMF Style content ideas, so if you’re ever watching a film or TV show and think, “Hey, that BAMF has great style…” you should know where to go.

I try to be as accommodating as I can be to requests. If I have the film or show requested, I’ll get right on it. If I don’t, I head straight for Amazon (or the local DVD Exchange) and start scoping out deals.

Nothing is out of bounds, as long as there’s enough to be covered! If the film is black & white, no worries, I just won’t talk about color.

In the meantime, post below if there is anything you’d like to see on the page and I’ll get to it as quickly as possible! (Or, if you don’t want to be so public about it, shoot an email to

Eagle-Eyed Followers

If you spot a mistake – which you more than likely will – please follow these steps:

1) Laugh at my error

2) Make a comment or send an email correcting me, with evidence and placements if necessary or possible

3) I’ll make the correction once I confirm it and give you credit for the fix (unless you don’t want credit)


  1. Chris

    Merry Christmas you BAMF! I first discovered your blog about four or five years ago and instantly liked it because I have a lot of the same taste in movies, plus I found out about many movies from your blog. I thought I’d throw out some suggestions if your running low on ideas (not likely I know). Anyway have a great Christmas!
    -Sean Connery’s double breasted riding jacket in The Untouchables.
    -Cary Grant’s gray sport coat from the park scene in Charade.
    -Paul Avery in Zodiac
    -Paul Newman in The Color of Money
    -Robert Shaw in the taking of Pelham 123
    -Mayor Vaughn’s awful/amazing anchor suit in Jaws
    -Bogart in In a Lonely Place
    -Charles Bronson in Mr.Majestyk
    -Richard Roundtree in Shaft
    -Clint Eastwood in White Hunter, Black Heart
    -The Guns of Navarone
    -Warren Oates in Two Lane Blacktop
    -Kevin Costner in A Perfect World
    -James Garner in The Rockford Files
    -Matthew Mccaunahey in True Detective


  2. Etienne

    Hi, first I want to say that I really love this website, so thank you!
    Second, I want to make a suggestion:
    Michael Corleone in Godfather II
    I would love to know the more casual styles (polo under blazer, etc.)


  3. Chris

    If you ever start a “badass cardigan” series start with Burt Lancaster in “The Train.” The guy fights Nazis and saves France’s national heritage in a cardigan.


  4. Vegas Fredo/ Chris T

    Please do Fredo’s Vegas attire in The Godfather, I’m so obsessed with it I started s Facebook page for it called Fredo Corleones fashion choices.


  5. Craig D'Alessandro

    Hey Bamf!

    Can you do a review of the get up Charlie Weber (as Frank Delfino) has in the Episode “hello raskolnikov” from Season 1 of How to get Away With Murder” I’m really trying to find the coat he wears under his pea coat!


  6. Cruz

    Visiting the great white north of Alaska next summer and would love to know more about Liam Neeson’s Dope beanie and sweater combo in “The Grey”.


  7. Nico

    Hello BAMF style,

    Would you be able to give a rundown of some of Tom Cruise’s outfits in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. He wears some great casual and dressed down suits in the film. Ghost Protocol as well. Thank you!


  8. Keith

    Happy New Year BAMF! Big fan of your work on this blog. It’s given me some good styling ideas.
    Maybe you can help me with this one. I am interested in your take on Jack Lord’s suit in Dr. No. I have heard it called tropical beige and it cuts a fine look in a tropical climate. Much so that Lord seemed to use the same style/colour suit in Hawaii Five 0.
    If you get a chance can you add this to your no doubt growing request list
    Keep the great work


    • luckystrike721

      Hi Keith! Happy New Year to you as well, and thank you for the kind words! I’m glad that BAMF Style has been helpful for your own personal style.

      I am a big fan of Jack Lord’s look in Dr. No, and I know the suit you mean – it may have been the only time that Mr. Bond’s ally had truly been his sartorial match on screen! Matt Spaiser of The Suits of James Bond expertly analyzed Lord’s suit in a 2013 post ( I agree with you that the suiting is a perfect match for the film’s climate and Lord wears it well. I believe you’re right that Lord had revived this look on Hawaii Five-O, and I like your suggestion that I should revisit that classic series for some BAMF Style pots.


  9. rileybd

    Hey man ; just have to say well done on this blog…truly, this is what us boys need: a shared appreciation for bamfs in suits…your knowledge and passion should inspire guys worldwide, showing that old does not necessarily translate to old fashioned, There’s a lot to learn here.

    There are a few pieces I have always loved to watch in film and I’d like to recommend them if that’s cool, it would be wicked to see them put up to your discerning eye one day:

    . Sonny Corleones navy black double breasted suit in Gfather part 1
    . Young Vito’s brown “revenge suit” in Gfather part 2
    . Fred Astaire Grey Suit in “The bandwagon
    .Edward James olmos in “zoot suit”

    Thanks heaps man and keep up the magic!


    • luckystrike721

      Thanks so much for the kind words, feedback, and great suggestions! I haven’t seen The Band Wagon or Zoot Suit, but I’m definitely adding those to my list after doing some quick searches. GREAT idea for those suits from the Godfather series; I have been particularly inclined to write about the brown suit young Vito wears when exacting his revenge in GF2. Much appreciated!


  10. RM

    You know what I’ve always found odd, that Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon the coolest character in literature; a man described as looking like a blond satan, who sleeps with his partner’s wife AND his client (and in all probability sleeping with his secretary), who hand rolls cigarettes like a machine, never loses his composure, prefers to use his brains over brawn or bullets and is the only person to profit from the events of the story; puts his shoes (which I imagine would be some well used dark brown brogues, perfect for trailing suspects, stakeouts or kicking down doors) on BEFORE his trousers.
    Can you explain this? The allowances of 1929 fashion? Or is he just that badass?


  11. Tom Joyce

    I’m watching ‘Born Yesterday’s on TCM.
    Judy Holliday won Best actress door her performance.
    William Holden is the male lead. Could you review his suits? There’s a scene where they’re at the National Gallery of Art. He’s wearing what appears to be a light gray suit.


  12. Andrew Lees


    Love this site. Your research is great and always something new to learn. Have you considered The Talented Mr Ripley as a subject? Jude Law is impeccable in this stylish thriller.

    Keep up the good work.


  13. Adrian Shaw

    Hello there,
    A fan from England here; I’ve been reading your website for years and have always enjoyed it. It’s even put me onto some new things that I wouldn’t previously have paid attention to, such as Justified, which you’ve posted today and of which I have seen all six seasons, and remains one of my favourite ever shows. A particular show which I like and you have not written about is Ray Donovan. The title character is a definite BAMF and someone with a defined style of jackets with jeans, shirts, brogues, Randolph/American Optical sunglasses and his ever-present Omega Seamaster watch. Is there any chance he may feature on your website in the future? In the meantime, please keep up the good work.
    Thank you,
    Adrian Shaw


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