Suggestions and Feedback

“I wore a pretty great tux in To Catch A Thief. Will you be doing a post on that anytime soon?”

I’m always looking for new BAMF Style content ideas, so if you’re ever watching a film or TV show and think, “Hey, that BAMF has great style…” you should know where to go.

I try to be as accommodating as I can be to requests. If I have the film or show requested, I’ll get right on it. If I don’t, I head straight for Amazon (or the local DVD Exchange) and start scoping out deals.

Nothing is out of bounds, as long as there’s enough to be covered! If the film is black & white, no worries, I just won’t talk about color.

In the meantime, post below if there is anything you’d like to see on the page and I’ll get to it as quickly as possible! (Or, if you don’t want to be so public about it, shoot an email to

Eagle-Eyed Followers

If you spot a mistake – which you more than likely will – please follow these steps:

1) Laugh at my error

2) Make a comment or send an email correcting me, with evidence and placements if necessary or possible

3) I’ll make the correction once I confirm it and give you credit for the fix (unless you don’t want credit)



  1. Sir Edward Percival Fox-Ingleby, Bt

    Just wondering. Any chance of a post on Gary Grant’s wardrobe in “That Touch of Mink”? Some serious slick slacks. I learned a lot from that film. Give it a look. Keep up the good work!


    • luckystrike721

      I’m thrilled that you’d be interested in seeing items from That Touch of Mink! I have very fond memories of watching that movie with my grandmother (we watched many classics!), and I just picked up my own DVD copy in the hopes that someone may be interested in seeing some of Grant’s elegant tailored attire from that film as well. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. JiiHaa

    Greetings and a nice day to you! Discovered your site just a while ago and needless to say, most of my freetime has been spent reading… Somehow I have a keen interest in old movies set in Africa, like King Solomons mines, The Mummy etc. Maybe it’s because when I look out of the window, there’s a meter of snow… Anyway, after reading your great article about Mogambo, started thinking. How about Hatari? To me that movie is one of the great classics of Africana, and pretty styley too. I’m quite surprised if someone has’t proposed that already, just haven’t red all comments yet. 😀


  3. Brubeck

    I’ve been enjoying your posts for a few months now. Keep ’em coming! The level of attention and detail you put into observing these clothes are amazing.
    If I may suggest…George Segal in “Fun with Dick and Jane” from 1977. There are lots of nice suits he wears. There is one scene where Segal wears a tan checkered suit with a dark knit tie and brown sunglasses. Just BAMF.

    Great work. Much appreciated. Keep ’em coming.



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