Californication – “Turn the Page” (1.11)

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in “Turn the Page”, episode 1.11 of Californication.


David Duchovny as Hank Moody, womanizing novelist with substance abuse issues

Venice Beach, Fall 2007

Series: Californication
Episode: “Turn the Page” (Episode 1.11)
Air Date: October 22, 2007
Director: David Von Ancken
Costume Designer: Peggy A. Schnitzer


In the penultimate episode of Californication‘s first season, Hank Moody has spent the majority of the season wistfully hoping that his ex-wife (common law, at least) Karen will abandon her thoughts of marrying the “dial-tone” Bill and come back to Hank. He thought he had his life on track when he wrote a new novel, but it was unfortunately lost when his new car was stolen. He and Karen briefly rekindled their passions after the death of Hank’s father, but it didn’t last. Finally, Hank hit his seasonal rock bottom in “The Devil’s Threesome” when doing just that with gym rat Laura and his best friend/agent Charlie.

It’s safe to say that, by this point, Hank’s been swallowed up and shit out by the powers that be.

What’d He Wear?

Nothing unusual for Hank, he starts off the episode at Bill and Karen’s house, offering his unsolicited thoughts on the wedding dresses. For this, he sports a dark navy blue short-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of very dark wash jeans that appear to be the same shade of blue as the shirt. He is also wearing his usual accessories: the black leather studded cuff, the black braided leather bracelet, and his silver index finger ring.

He seems a little too jaunty to be depressed, but the worst of the fit hasn't hit the shan yet.

He seems a little too jaunty to be depressed, but the worst of the fit hasn’t hit the shan yet.

His shoes are the same that we first saw in the last episode, a pair of black Puma Whirlwind sneakers with black laces and white rubber soles.

The next day, evidently the last day before the Karen-Bill wedding, Hank mopes around town in a half-buttoned black shirt. This is one of my favorite shirts on the show, a very lightweight button-down with long sleeves that Hank naturally leaves unbuttoned. He also unbuttons the top two of the seven buttons. As his depression increases, so does the number of unfastened buttons.

Hank's paranoia and self-control is measured by the Hasselhoffness of his shirt buttons.

Hank’s paranoia and self-control is measured by the Hasselhoffness of his shirt buttons.

The shirt is crazy with seams, on the collars, across the back, around the shoulders, etc., which gives it a very casual “utility” look. It has a better fit than some of Hank’s other loose button-downs, and looks very comfortable despite the warm heat of the Southern California sun.


He wears the shirt with a pair of medium dark wash blue jeans and his usual brown suede Timberland “Mt. Washington” Chelsea boots. The sunglasses are his standard Izod 725s and the same accessories are present. Hank does throw one lateral our way though: instead of black socks, he wears a pair of whites.

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Go Big or Go Home

Poor Hank really does stay strong when all the odds are against him. His ex is getting married, his novel was stolen and is being published by a blackmailing underage Lolita, and his secret dalliance with the girl is dangerously on the verge of becoming public. Even his pubescent daughter knows something’s wrong; she kindly moves home to keep an eye on him.

Although his bad habits are significantly returned, drinking single malt Scotch and extinguishing his chain of cigarettes in the empty glass, Hank still finds time to hang out with his daughter when she comes over.

Hank also is evidently a reader of Kafka, falling asleep with a collection of short stories on his chest. This should come as no surprise, especially at this point in Hank’s life.

How to Get the Look

This is an easy one!

  • cali111-crop1Black lightweight long-sleeve shirt with unbuttoned barrel cuffs
  • Dark blue short-sleeve cotton T-shirt
  • Medium-dark (or very dark) wash blue denim jeans
  • Brown suede Timberland “Torrance” Chelsea boots with black elastic side gussets
  • Black Puma Whirlwind sneakers
  • White athletic socks
  • Izod 725 sunglasses with brown lenses
  • Silver ring with two ridged bands, worn on the right index finger
  • Black leather bracelet with silver hexagonal and round studs, worn on the left wrist
  • Thin black braided leather bracelet, also worn on the left wrist

Do Yourself A Favor And…

Buy the first season.

The Quote

Hank provides the greatest excuse ever when he’s late for lunch with Charlie.

Hank: Sorry I’m late, I just…
Charlie: You just what?
Hank: Ah, that’s all I got.


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