UPDATE! Hank Moody’s Brown Leather Jacket on Californication

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in a production photo from "LOL", Episode 1.05 of Californication.

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in a production photo from “LOL”, Episode 1.05 of Californication.

Plenty of Californication fans have been hoping for the last seven years to get the details of the brown leather jacket Hank gets from Bill in “LOL” (Episode 1.05) and wears a few more times in the show’s run. I posted about the jacket back in January 2013, but just this week I learned that the jacket will be sold at auction!

With Californication ending on June 29, 2014, plenty of items from the show’s run are part of a massive 299-item auction with personal items from all of the show’s major characters, with clothing, sunglasses, accessories, and documents handled by Hank, Karen, Becca, Charlie, and even more season-specific characters like Lew Ashby and Rath.

Finally, we’re getting confirmed makers of Hank’s clothing:

  • black and navy t-shirts from James Perse “Standard” (size 1 or 2)
  • blue jeans from Earnest Sewn with “Fulton” 06B straight leg fit (size 32×32, 33×32, 33×33, or 34×33)
  • some button-up shirts from Mossimo, a brand now exclusive to Target stores (size medium)

…as well as the Timberland Torrance boots that Hank has made even more popular. The most desired item, however, will undoubtedly be the coveted brown leather jacket. For the first time (from what I can see), the jacket has been revealed as made by Blur Leather based out of Los Angeles.

The auction site reads:

There are few items available from the first season, so this light brown leather Blur zip-up jacket, size 54 (44 U.S.), with a really cool liner, is especially valuable.

Photos from the specific jacket page, lot 283, are below:


Be sure to browse all of the nearly 300 items; Californication fans will certainly find something reminding them of their favorite character!

I’ve pulled aside links to each of the Hank-specific items:

  • Lot 219 – Hank’s Leather With Silver Stud Bracelet
  • Lot 254 – Hank’s Woven Bracelet
  • Lot 113 – Hank’s Ring
  • Lot 128 – Hank’s Dolce & Gabbana Blazer
  • Lot 210 – Hank’s Navy Theory Blazer and Theory Shirt
  • Lot 283 – Hank’s Brown Leather Jacket
  • Lot 279 – Hank’s Dolce & Gabbana Stunt Jacket
    • This was a stunt jacket and noted as a size 44 or “two sizes too big for Dave”.
  • Lot 117 – Hank’s Timberland Ankle Boots
    • These boots, worn in the later seasons, are lighter brown than the earlier Timberlands he wore. They are always the “Torrance” model, however.
  • Lot 124 – Hank’s Ray Bans
    • Hank began wearing these Ray Ban aviators in the fifth season. Prior to that, he wore Izods and Oliver Peoples.
  • Lot 265 – Hank’s Iconic James Perse Black T-Shirt – 1
  • Lot 297 – Hank’s Iconic James Perse Black T-Shirt – 2
  • Lot 238 – Hank’s Iconic James Perse Black T-Shirt – 3
  • Lot 249Hank’s Iconic James Perse Black T-Shirt – 4
  • Lot 285 – Hank’s Iconic James Perse Navy T-Shirt – 1  
  • Lot 258 – Hank’s Iconic James Perse Navy T-Shirt – 2  
  • Lot 163 – Hank’s Jeans
  • Lot 146 – Hank’s Blue Jeans – 1
  • Lot 133 – Hank’s Blue Jeans – 2
  • Lot 178 – Hank’s Blue Jeans – 3
  • Lot 227 – Hank’s Jeans and Shirt
  • Lot 290 – Hank’s Jeans and T-Shirt – 2
  • Lot 271 – Hank’s Green Shirt and Blue Jeans
    • This outfit, from the most recently-aired penultimate episode, features the Mossimo shirt.
  • Lot 242 – Hank’s Black Suit, Black Tie, White Shirt
    • Hank wears similar-looking suits in later seasons, but this specific suit is said to be from the first season finale.
  • Lot 261 – Hank’s Yellow Shirt and Plaid Shorts

(For anyone curious, the black leather zip-up jacket he’s worn in most episodes since the start of season 5 has been identified as Dolce & Gabbana.)


  1. Jim

    yeah you could clearly see the “blur” label on this jacket as of season 4
    specifically episode “409” hank sleeps under this jacket in the car

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