Terry Leather’s Brown Leather Jacket in The Bank Job

Jason Statham as Terry Leather in The Bank Job (2008).

Jason Statham as Terry Leather in The Bank Job (2008).


Jason Statham as Terry Leather, struggling car salesman and petty thief

East London, September 1971

Film: The Bank Job
Release Date: February 29, 2008
Director: Roger Donaldson
Costume Designer: Odile Dicks-Mireaux


The Bank Job is a fun and different approach to the well-worn territory of the heist film by taking a true event and deconstructing it to propel the story forward with an appropriate mix of lightheartedness and genuine suspense. While Jason Statham once again plays a charming wiseass who’s a bit too comfortable on the wrong side of the law, his typical ass-kicking bravado is replaced by a combination of wit and desperation that provides a realistic motive for a man in his circumstances.

The movie begins by introducing Statham as Terry Leather, a car salesman and repair shop owner trying to make ends meet between loans from various London gangsters. He’s no gangster himself, although he’s got some criminal pals, and it is they who will come in handy once the alluringly mysterious model Martine (Saffron Burrows) comes calling with a tip that may get him back on his feet.

What’d He Wear?

When we first meet Terry Leather, he’s doing a fine job living up to his name by actually wearing a cool leather jacket. The titles tell us that this is “East London, 1971”, but the sight of Jason Statham in a badass vintage brown leather jacket as he stands between a black ’62 Singer sedan and a sweet Austin-Healey roadster give us all the context we need.

Terry’s brown leather jacket is hip-length with large – but not excessive – lapels and three plastic buttons down the front. The coat has a full leather belt that either ties or buckles in the front, but Terry wears the jacket open and tucks the ends of the belt into each of the hip pockets.


Just another day at work for Terry Leather Motors.

Both the hip pockets and the chest pockets are inverted box-pleat patch pockets that close with a flap. Terry tucks the lower hip pocket flaps into the pockets (with the ends of the belt), but he wears the chest pocket flaps buttoned closed. Stitching runs around the waist, presumably under the belt, meeting in the front just below the center button. A single vent in the rear ends at the center waistline, and a vertical stitch continues up to the collar.


Terry does briefly wear a full turtleneck with the jacket later in the film. Just worth noting.

In addition to the rest of the jacket’s distinctive styling, each cuff has a rounded leather half-tab that closes on a large, single brown plastic button. This appears to be a stylistic touch rather than a functional adjustment for fitting over the wrists.


Terry gets a tip from Martine, who wears a pretty badass watch herself.

Plenty of replicas of this jacket are available all over the internet, usually priced around the same $195 as Ultimo Jackets offers for their replica. Concrete information about the jacket’s real origins are difficult to find, and it’s likely a custom tailored piece based on a vintage find by the production crew.

Terry continues to look cool by sporting a black sweater with a short mockneck collar. The jumper is long-sleeved with each cuff poking out under the coat. The fabric looks soft and comfortable, with a texture that suggests cashmere or at least a cashmere blend.


Terry’s flat front trousers are dark brown with a full, straight fit through the legs down to the plain-hemmed bottoms. Since he never removes his jacket in any of these scenes, it can’t be positively ascertained whether or not his pants have pockets or belt loops.


Terry struts his leather around East London.

Terry’s shoes are a pair of square-toed 3-eyelet bluchers in a brown calfskin leather that nicely match the lighter brown of his leather coat. His only visible accessory is the plain gold wedding band on the third finger of his left hand.

Although we don’t see it here, Terry also wears a TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph wristwatch with a stainless rectangular case and a blue dial – with two white sub-dials at 3:00 and 9:00 – on a black leather strap. The appearance of the Monaco watch is technically correct as it was first introduced in 1969, but Terry clearly wears a more recent TAG Heuer version instead of the anachronistically-correct Heuer Monaco that was made famous by Steve McQueen at the time.

How to Get the Look

Some people have a fit when suggesting a black and brown mix, but Terry Leather pulls it off with aplomb by wearing varying shades of brown, grounded by a solid black jumper. Of course, with a sweet brown leather jacket like that, it’s hard to go wrong.


  • Brown leather hip-length belted jacket with large lapels, inverted box-pleat chest and hip pockets with button-down flaps, and single-button half-tab cuffs
  • Black cashmere mockneck long-sleeved sweater
  • Dark brown flat front trousers with plain-hemmed bottoms
  • Brown calfskin leather 3-eyelet square-toe bluchers
  • Plain gold wedding band
  • TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph wristwatch with stainless rectangular case, blue dial, and black leather strap

Do Yourself a Favor and…

Buy the movie.

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    Jason Statham looks cool in a brown leather jacket. This Jason Statham The Bank Job Brown Leather Jacket reminds me of my friend’s jacket except for that white pattern. I used to beg him to give that to me, but he wouldn’t lol. But seems like it’s my turn to order one and make him jealous, lmao.

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