Show us your BAMF!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think all of you who follow and comment on this blog are some of the coolest dudes around. BAMF Style just celebrated its third anniversary (on September 26th, if you’re curious), and I couldn’t have made it this far without all of you.

To show my appreciation, I’d love to get the chance to highlight some of the looks you guys are sporting. Whether it’s based on a movie or TV BAMF or just a stellar combination you’ve found on your own, feel free to send a photo or two of an outfit that makes you proud to, along with a few words like the manufacturers, fabric, and even an anecdote about it.

It’d be my pleasure to sort through the submissions and get a post up – probably around Thanksgiving, since I’ll be literally giving my thanks – featuring all of your great style.

This one’s for you, BAMFs!


Also, check out this cool article by Guy Trebay for the New York Times, where Trebay talks about classic sprezzatura style icons like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Cary Grant, and Marvin Gaye. Trebay even talks about McQueen’s somewhat anachronistic – but badass – attire in The Great Escape.


  1. the_raven

    Hmmm, not many posts, it seems…Well, while I haven’t got a photo (I don’t like taking pictures of myself), I can describe my style. It’s kinda of a classic and simple style, with some rock-music elements – Gazette Adidas Sneakers (usually blue, but right now – turquoise), blue of black jeans (or black chinos), a belt (not that anyone sees it under my un-tucked shirt), a red squared casual shirt. Of accessories I have a wide leather armband on my left arm, a watch facing down on the right arm (I’m a lefty!)(rarely wear them together), and a string of malas in-hand (or in-pocket, depending on the situation); sunglasses are a pair of black tee-shades. I’m also thinking of getting something for my neck, maybe a coin, or some religious symbol (since I became interested in paganism recently), but I’m still thinking about it. When it’s colder, I also put on a t-shirt under the shirt, or a vest, or a sweater. Nothing extravagant really.

    • the_raven

      Oh yeah, and most of my clothes are cotton, or leather (if we talk about belts and accessories); synth fabrics just don’t work well with me…

  2. WhiteCloud

    It’s a damn shame that I can’t afford to dress like how I want to. Oh well, I’ll get there eventually – just drawing random guys in suits will have to satisfy me for now :).

  3. luckystrike721

    Thanks for all the comments, and thanks to all who sent their submissions via email! I am currently compiling everything and trying to reach out to everyone individually just to touch base. I would expect to see this post up sometime in the coming weeks. Thanks!!

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  5. John M. Collins

    Hi, I would love to be a part of this website, as I believe that I meet all of the criteria described here…from cool vintage suits, to classic muscle cars, no guns though…just guitars!
    Here’s a cool video for you to watch!
    I’m the guy with the beer.

    BAMF is cool, love the site!!!
    I have a lot more videos, and photos, and I would be willing to contribute if you so desire.

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