Terry Leather’s Herringbone Coat in The Bank Job

Jason Statham as Terry Leather in The Bank Job (2008).

Jason Statham as Terry Leather in The Bank Job (2008).


Jason Statham as Terry Leather, fledging bank robber and former car salesman

East London, September 1971

Film: The Bank Job
Release Date: February 29, 2008
Director: Roger Donaldson
Costume Designer: Odile Dicks-Mireaux


Based partially on some possibly true events (or at least theories) surrounding the famous Baker Street robbery of 1971, The Bank Job is a fun caper flick from 2008 that stars Jason Statham in a decidedly less Statham-esque role than usual, leading a team of non-violent petty criminals chosen by the British government to burglarize a bank.

Of course, it’s not that simple as Statham’s crew isn’t even aware that they’re working for the government and wedging themselves between a sadistic London gangster and a militant revolutionary.

What’d He Wear?

We first meet Terry Leather when he is, appropriately enough, wearing a pretty badass brown leather coat. For much of the heist planning, including casing the bank with his ex-model ex-girlfriend Martine (Saffron Burrows), Terry wears a knee-length wool topcoat in a fine black and white herringbone.


Terry spends much of his day looking far too suspicious for a man trying not to garner much attention while casing a bank.

Terry’s herringbone coat is double-breasted with a 6-on-3 button front. It is styled similar to a longer length pea coat with its large lapels, double-breasted front, plain cuffs, and slanted welt handwarmer pockets. The single vent up the back splits the coat to just below his waistline.


Terry and Martine case the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank.

Since he typically only wears one layer beneath the coat, Terry drapes a scarf around his neck to battle the London fall weather. Terry’s olive green silk scarf has a pattern of white squares. Each square has an olive dot in the center.


Recruiting “The Major”.

Both of Terry’s shirts worn under his topcoat are black, solidifying his status as a competent movie criminal. His first is a black long-sleeve polo shirt, constructed from a soft material that may be acrylic, with a 2-button collar. He also wears this shirt for a date with his wife under a brown flannel single-breasted sport coat.


Sadly, Terry looks happier when planning or committing a crime than he does on an evening out with his wife.

As things get closer to crime time (as well as slightly later in the fall), Terry pulls out all the criminal stops and dons a black lightweight turtleneck jumper.


The herringbone coat provides a nice contrast against the starkness of the black turtleneck.

Terry avoids the stereotypical movie criminal look of a black shirt and black trousers while managing the same effect by wearing a pair of charcoal pants instead. These flat front trousers have a full, straight fit like his others, and the bottoms are plain-hemmed.



Terry again wears brown leather shoes, although these are darker than the calfskin 3-eyelet bluchers seen with the leather coat. His lined gloves are also brown leather.

Terry’s watch is the iconic TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph, introduced as the Heuer Monaco in 1969 and made famous two years later when it appeared on Steve McQueen’s wrist in Le Mans. The Monaco, with its stainless rectangular case and blue dial with two white sub-dials, is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. The version that Statham wears is an anachronistic modern TAG Heuer, though, rather than the more period-correct Heuer that would have been available in 1971.

How to Get the Look

Terry stays classy and comfortable while scoping out Lloyds Bank for his ragtag team’s eventual takedown.


  • Black & white fine herringbone wool double-breasted 6×3-buttoning topcoat with large lapels, slanted welt handwarmer pockets, plain cuffs, and single rear vent
  • Black long-sleeve soft polo shirt with 2-button collar
  • Olive green silk scarf with white square motif
  • Charcoal gray flat front trousers with plain-hemmed bottoms
  • Dark brown leather shoes
  • Dark brown leather lined gloves
  • Plain gold wedding band
  • TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph wristwatch with stainless rectangular case, blue dial, and black leather strap

For more of a Sterling Archer-approved stealth look, swap out the polo for a black turtleneck/tactileneck jumper.

Do Yourself a Favor and…

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