Roger Moore (1927-2017)

RIP Roger Moore (1927-2017), a terrific actor and humanitarian who brought his dapper, tongue-in-cheek charm and class to his many roles, including James Bond and Simon Templar in The Saint.

Sir Roger leaves a lasting legacy through his charismatic performances and inspiring charity work for organizations like UNICEF and PETA.


  1. Dan Ippolito

    Every one of his Bond movies felt like going on a globe-trotting vacation with an old friend – truly the passing of an era!

  2. mole

    I was just telling someone a couple of days ago how much I liked Moore as James Bond. He brought his Simon Templar persona to the big screen.

  3. VR

    I enjoyed his acting so much – from Ivanhoe, to The Saint, The Persuaders!, and as Bond. He always seemed so charming and gentlemanly.
    Well done, sir; rest in peace.

  4. Ryan Hall

    RIP Sir Roger, a charming self deprecating actor and a great film star. Took Bond to new heights and further success.

  5. Wendi

    I also loved him for his roles in “The Wild Geese” and “North Sea Hijack”. He brought class and presence to every character. RIP Sir Roger.

  6. Mark

    Vale Sir Roger. A gentleman and a player. A tall man who never looked down on anyone. A far better actor than he was given credit for. I’m sure many of you are aware of the things he did for UNICEF and other worthy causes. Kudos to BAMFstyle for noting the style and class he brought to the Bond films he made.

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