The White Lotus: Cam’s Cream Mesh-Knit Beach Shirt

Theo James as Cam Sullivan on The White Lotus (Episode 2.06: “Abductions”)


Theo James as Cameron Sullivan, cocky investment manager

Sicily, Summer 2022

Series: The White Lotus
Episode: “Abductions” (Episode 2.06)
Air Date: December 4, 2022
Director: Mike White
Creator: Mike White
Costume Designer: Alex Bovaird

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


Happy first day of summer!

Among the tone and twists of The White Lotus, one of my favorite aspects of each season has been the summer-friendly vacation wardrobes thoughtfully crafted for each character by costume designer Alex Bovaird-Sprouse. Though the Hawaiian-set first season aired in the summer of 2021, the second season aired through last fall—good timing to inspire warm-weather wardrobes for our friends in the southern hemisphere, though it almost felt taunting watching the doomed vacationers enjoying sun-baked Sicily as our weather was getting increasingly cold each week.

The second season introduced a mostly new set of characters, including the foursome of two former college pals-turned-entrepreneurs and their wives. The headstrong, confident super-bro Cameron Sullivan (Theo James) sees himself as the alpha of the group, while his beautiful wife Daphne (Meghann Fahy) appears content to benefit from the privileges of a wealthy, stay-at-home-when-not-in-the-Maldives lifestyle. By contrast, the moody Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe) and serious, ambitious lawyer Harper (Aubrey Plaza) believe their sensitive, sexless marriage to be healthier… a perspective that Cam seems quietly committed to shattering by the end of their shared Sicilian sojourn.

Tensions are running high toward the end of the trip as the Sullivans and Spillers plan a day at the beach. By this point, Harper has grown suspicious of Ethan’s behavior during a boys’ night earlier in the vacation, but—after the two butt their passive-aggressive heads while discussing issue—it becomes Ethan’s turn to be suspicious after he discovers Cam and Harper have retreated back up into the hotel together while he was drowning his sorrows in the Ionian Sea.

What’d He Wear?

After his luggage was mistakenly sent to New York, Cameron and Daphne spend a portion of one of their early days in Sicily buying him an all-new vacation wardrobe from local shops. The orange pique polo and white trousers he wore for their arrival suggests he may have intended on a more subdued wardrobe, but he takes the opportunity to outfit himself in a series of bright and boldly printed shirts, swim trunks, and sport jackets.

In the season’s penultimate episode, Cam dresses for a day at the beach in the distinctive Nanuska “Ayaan Knit Shirt”, made from a stretchy cream-colored blend of 45% cotton, 22% viscose, and 33% paper… yes, paper.

The shirt is arranged in a grid of large squares, each knitted in a different mesh pattern—some checked, some diagonal—and in varying thicknesses and direction, ultimately creating a garment that reminded me of an elegant cheese grater. Dropped shoulders accent the relaxed fit, though the short sleeves still end above the elbow rather than looking too baggy. The collar, placket, sleeve-ends, straight hem, and large patch pocket are all ribbed for a more solid-colored effect. Four large recessed cream-colored buttons fasten from the hem up to mid-chest, where it diverges to form a flat collar described as a camp collar but more reminiscent of a casual Prussian collar.

Theo James as Cam Sullivan on The White Lotus (Episode 2.06: "Abductions")

Nanuska actually produced the shirt as part of a two-piece set with matching shorts, but Cam practices some surprising modest by wearing more conventional (and practical) swim trunks.

The dark brown-and-white floral-printed polyester swim trunks have a trim fit and mid-thigh inseam that flatters Theo James’ athletic physique. Unlike some of his trunks rigged with side adjusters, these have a simple white drawstring in the front. In addition to side pockets, the trunks have a patch pocket on the back right.

Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, and Will Sharpe on The White Lotus (Episode 2.06: "Abductions")

Cam cycles through a few pairs of sunglasses from luxury eyewear brands like Jacques Marie Mage and Oliver Peoples. For this scene, he appears to be wearing the latter, specifically the Oliver Peoples “Gregory Peck” model with the appropriately named “Tuscany tortoise” darker brown acetate frame. These round sunglasses were developed in collaboration between Oliver Peoples and the Peck estate in tribute to the actor’s Oscar-winning performance as the bespectacled Southern attorney Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Cam wears his usual dark-blue slide sandals, each comprised of a simple wide instep strap connected to a matching footbed.

Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, and Will Sharpe on The White Lotus (Episode 2.06: "Abductions")

Nothing to see here, Ethan! Just your flushed-looking wife now wearing a hat while your dudebro frenemy emerges from his adjoining hotel room with his book. We all know what an avid reader Cam is!

Cam wears an 18-karat white gold Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB, a blue-dialed successor to the ref. 116619LB that had been known as the “Smurf” for its matching bright blue Cerachrom bezel and matching blue dial. Released in 2008 to commemorate Rolex’s 100th anniversary, the 40mm Smurf was among the first Rolex watches to be produced with a white gold case and bracelet. Rolex discontinued its 40mm Submariners in 2020, when it increased the width of all Submariner cases to 41mm.

The ref. 126619LB features the same bright blue ceramic bezel (and $38,000+ price tag) as the Smurf, but its darker-contrast black dial has resulted in users nicknaming it the “Cookie Monster” instead. The Cookie Monster follows the classic Submariner Date design, with the dial detailed by luminous non-numeral hour indices and a date window at 3 o’clock under scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The white gold three-piece Oyster-style link bracelet continues the Smurf’s dual satin and high-polish finish and Glidelock clasp.

You can read more about the Smurf and Cookie Monster Submariners in Emily Green’s excellent Watchbox article.

Will Sharpe and Theo James in The White Lotus, Episode 2.06: "Abductions"

Although several places online describe Cam’s Rolex as the older “Smurf” model, the contrast between the blue bezel and darker dial suggest to me that he wears the newer “Cookie Monster” Submariner.

An enthusiastic husband if not always a faithful one, Cam wears a yellow gold wedding band on his left ring finger.

How to Get the Look

Theo James and Aubrey Plaza on The White Lotus (Episode 2.06: “Abductions”)

Cam opts for eye-catching comfort at the beach in his soft and relaxed open-knit shirt… and the “Cookie Monster” Rolex on his wrist jibes with his personality being the kind of guy who wants people to know he’s unafraid to wear his $38,000 watch in the sand and surf.

  • Cream cotton/viscose/paper-blend mesh-knit short-sleeved camp shirt with 4-button front and large patch-style breast pocket
  • Brown-and-white floral-print polyester mid-thigh swim trunks with white drawstring, side pockets, and back-right patch pocket
  • Dark-blue slide sandals
  • Oliver Peoples “Gregory Peck” tortoise acetate-framed round-lensed sunglasses
  • Rolex Submariner 126619LB “Cookie Monster” dive watch with 18-karat white gold 41mm case, blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel, black dial with 3:00 date window, and 18-karat white gold three-piece “Oyster”-style link bracelet
  • Gold wedding ring

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