80th Anniversary of Repeal Day!

Eighty years ago, the powers that be brilliantly repealed the Volstead Act, the prohibitive act that made the production, transport, and sale of alcohol illegal in the United States. From the implementation of the 18th amendment on January 17, 1920 until the repeal with the 21st amendment on December 5, 1933, folks in the U.S. were not allowed to sell booze, although they were technically allowed to drink and privately own it.

If you have a Repeal Day party, or if you just want to celebrate in vintage style, check out some of the 1920s-themed posts on BAMF Style for inspiration…

Let Nucky, Jimmy, and Gatsby be the guides for your 1920s style.

Let Nucky, Jimmy, and Gatsby be the guides for your 1920s style.

From Boardwalk Empire on HBO:

From 1974’s The Great Gatsby adaptation:

There’ll be plenty more 1920s style posts to come, but these are good ways to make sure you stand out on December 5th!



  1. Reginald Bruce-Lamour

    The Ralph Lauren clothes on Robert Redford were a little fake-y: the ’20s seen through a ’70s lens with low-slung waists and a bit too form hugging. Nucky and the gang seem spot on.


    • luckystrike721

      I agree with you, Reginald. Boardwalk Empire has surpassed many ’20s-set films and TV shows with its extensive research, even nailing down fashion trends rather than the “everyone-in-a-suit” mentality from cheaper and less researched works (much like Roger Corman’s Depression-era films of the ’70s). The 2013 Gatsby adaptation has some very accurate attire that I, unfortunately, haven’t gotten around to placing on this site yet. Even though Redford’s suits may not be the most accurate, he still manages to look dashing even if it is a strange ’20s-meets-’70s conglomeration of styles. Good hearing from you!


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