House of Cards’ Remy Danton Goes Casual

Mahershala Ali as Remy Danton in House of Cards ("Chapter 38", Episode 3.12, 2015).

Mahershala Ali as Remy Danton on House of Cards (“Chapter 38”, Episode 3.12, 2015).


Mahershala Ali as Remy Danton, former White House Chief of Staff

Washington, DC, December 2015

Series: House of Cards
Episode: “Chapter 38” (Episode 3.12)
Streaming Date: February 27, 2015
Director: Robin Wright
Costume Designer: Johanna Argan

WARNING! Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t finished the third season yet, then:
a) Go and do it, and
b) You’re bad at Netflix.


Though Kevin Spacey receives much well-deserved praise for his power suits and performance as ruthless politician Francis Underwood, I always try to find a good guy to root for even in a shadowy world like House of Cards‘ D.C. While a few exist outside the political world, the only character who proves any definite altruism by the end of the third season is Remy Danton, the ex-lobbyist and now ex-Chief of Staff for the Underwood administration.

And who knew Remy Danton was such a romantic? After three seasons as D.C.’s slickest politician, Remy strips off his extra layer of cool when he steps down from his post with disgust after watching Underwood try and manipulate his ex-mistress. It makes sense that a badass congresswoman like Jackie Sharp would be the one to make Remy’s hear tick, as she did manage to woo former HBO heroes like Seth Bullock and Nucky Thompson.

(It was indeed Molly Parker’s picture that was used to portray Nucky’s deceased wife in the Boardwalk Empire pilot.)

What’d He Wear?

On this Casual Friday (also Good Friday), let’s have a look at how Remy dresses down after leaving his high-stress but often suited political job. I hadn’t been keeping track, but I believe Chapter 38 marks the first time we see Remy in anything but a suit or suit elements. Though he’d had a penchant for cool, dark suits throughout the show, Remy looks more comfortable than ever as he strides into Jackie’s office in casual attire to announce his new life plans… or lack thereof.

Remy’s new relaxed attitude is perfectly reflected by his choice of a comfortable unstructured sport coat. Constructed of a dark gray semi-solid heavy cotton, the jacket nicely hangs on Ali’s large 6’2″ frame.

If this man doesn't look relaxed, I don't know who does.

If this man doesn’t look relaxed, I don’t know who does.

The front is single-breasted with notch lapels that roll down to a 2-button front. The jacket has flapped hip pockets that sit straight back and a welted breast pocket, to which he clips his visitor tag. The single button on each cuff is the same dark brown faux wood clusters as the buttons on the front. There is a single rear vent.

Remy gracefully excuses himself from the congresswoman's office after turning down a massive salary.

Remy gracefully excuses himself from the congresswoman’s office after turning down a massive salary.

Remy truly ditches the shirt-and-tie formality of his usual days with a blue lightweight cashmere v-neck sweater that nicely evokes his new peace of mind. Underneath is a plain white crew neck t-shirt.

Winter in D.C. gets chilly, and Remy wisely layers to combat it.

Winter in D.C. gets chilly, and Remy wisely layers to combat it.

House of Cards is a dark-lit show, and – even in this relatively brighter scene in Jackie’s office and the outside hallway – not much is seen of the lower half of Remy’s wardrobe. He is definitely wearing a pair of charcoal gray flat front trousers with side pockets and, likely, plain-hemmed bottoms.


Beyond that, he appears to be wearing a pair of brown leather casual shoes and light – probably gray – socks. (Of course, even with the hi-def Netflix streaming, I could be wrong. They could be a pair of cuffed dark jeans.)

Remy struts down a Congressional hallway.

Remy struts down a Congressional hallway.

His stainless watch is new for this season, replacing the TAG Heuer Monaco he wore as a lobbyist. Although we don’t see much of it in this scene, his new watch has a large stainless case, a silver-colored crown, and an all-stainless link bracelet. The dial consists of a silver inner circle and white outer trim.

Remy's new watch, as it appears in Chapter 29, Chapter 33, Chapter 36, and Chapter 38.

Remy’s new watch, as it appears in Chapter 29, Chapter 33, Chapter 36, and Chapter 38.

I was surprised when I chose this for my inaugural (pun) House of Cards post as Frank Underwood and his suits were basically fashioned for this blog, but Remy’s casual wear in this episode was such a refreshing change of pace that I felt the need to screencap it and push it forward. The day after I watched this episode, I scrapped together my own version (with comfortable black jeans rather than charcoal trousers), and it certainly is a comfortable and stylish approach. Thanks, Remy.

How to Get the Look

Spending a day off touring the White House? Sport something casual and comfortable like this, and you may even be mistaken for an ex-Chief of Staff and hurriedly ushered into a meeting! Fingers crossed.


  • Dark gray cotton unstructured single-breasted sportcoat with notch lapels, 2-button front, welted breast pocket, flapped straight hip pockets, 1-button cuffs, and single rear vent
  • Blue cashmere v-neck sweater
  • White crew neck short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Charcoal flat front trousers with side pockets and plain-hemmed bottoms
  • Brown leather casual shoes
  • Light gray socks
  • Stainless steel wristwatch with white-and-silver circular dial and stainless link bracelet

Do Yourself a Favor and…

Catch up with seasons one and two, then check out the current third season on Netflix.

(Or, if it’s out by now, buy the third season on Amazon.)

The Quote

After three seasons as the man with a plan, Remy feels relieved and refreshed to answer Jackie when she asks “What are you going to do?” with:

That’s the best part, I have no idea.

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