Follower Appreciation Day 2015!

A few weeks ago, I called for the esteemed readers of this blog to Show Us Your BAMF! I received many excellent submissions from around the world, and I’m honored to present each gentleman’s look – along with a short bit written by them – in person. The submissions received prove that BAMF Style has some of the snazziest fans out there.

So, in the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I’d like to thank all of my wonderful readers, followers, and commenters. It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for more than three years, but you’ve all kept me going!

All photos and statements below (except for the captions by me) were provided by the BAMFs mentioned by name. Thanks again to the gentlemen featured below!

(If anyone who submitted sees any errors or would like information removed, please let me know! Also – if you submitted information but don’t see anything here, let me know. It likely got caught somewhere in the world of my email!)

John Sorrentino

Brioni tux with Versace shirt. Omega Seamaster watch on holiday off the Bahamas. Very Casino Royale Bond!

John Sorrentino

John Sorrentino channels Bond in his Brioni dinner suit, Versace shirt, and Omega watch… naturally vacationing off the Bahamas.

Ryan Gregory

I had my grey suit made by Montagio Custom Tailors using your entry on the suits worn by Jimmy Darmody as a guide. The navy suit I purchased during my trip to NYC last year, it was custom made in the 1930s (very Boardwalk season 5) and happened to be a perfect fit! Both are three-piece and are worn with button braces (or suspenders if you like) for maximum suffering in the Aussie sun.

Ryan Gregory's vintage (and vintage-inspired!) suits nicely channel classic Boardwalk Empire-style looks.

Ryan Gregory’s vintage (and vintage-inspired!) suits nicely channel classic Boardwalk Empire-style looks.

I would also like to give a shout out to my gorgeous girlfriend Kristina, whom I love more than my suits!

Ryan Hall

The outfit I’m most proud that I have worn has to be the French navy, black shawl-collared dinner suit I wore on my wedding day, March 7th this year. I wear suits to work everyday – charcoal pinstripe, navy, midnight blue business suits – but for my wedding day, I had to have something special. I based my wedding suit on Daniel Craig’s famous midnight blue dinner suit from Skyfall. The first thing I did was find a good tailor, and I found that with Briggins of Melbourne who customized one of their dinner suits for me. My tailor suggested going with a French navy rather then Craig’s midnight blue, and it was a good choice and only a shade back from traditional navy and not as light as powder blue. The suit jacket and pants were tailored with a very slim fit like Daniel Craig’s suits in Skyfall. I was working out 5-6 times a week to keep in shape for the suit as I couldn’t afford to put on a pound due to the razor slim fit. Instead of a traditional white shirt, I wore a cream dress shirt with French cuffs, and instead of a regular satin bow tie I wore a trendier black velvet bow tie. I know most people match the material of their jacket collar to their bow tie, but in the end it was a little different and unique going with the velvet material.

Ryan Hall's wedding tuxedo would've made 007 proud.

Ryan Hall’s wedding tuxedo would’ve made 007 proud.

I also accessorized with a square-folded pocket handkerchief in cream to match my shirt with gold square mother-of-pearl cuff links given to my grandfather in 1953, and – to make a statement – an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on a expanding metal bracelet as worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. My shoes were a classic black patent leather and high-shined point-toed dress shoes made by Louis Vutton.

I wanted the feeling of being James Bond on my wedding day, and, with my slim fitting French navy dinner suit, I very much felt like Bond. My tips to fellow BAMFs is to draw inspirations from only the best sources (i.e. Bond, James Bond) and give your outfits a personal twist.


“Much to do. Serious household admin tasks to be dealt with. I had to get the kids to school by eight-thirty-five am, then I had to get back home, shave, shower and breakfast before heading to the bank. I wore a pair of dark blue Gap cotton jeans, a Uniqlo SlimFit white cotton shirt, a blue silk cross-patterned tie by Industrie, and a black Pure New Wool V-neck jumper by John Smedley. It looked like it might rain, so I busted out the H&M beige twill cotton trench coat. Just in case. On my right wrist was the vintage sterling silver curb-link bracelet. On my left wrist went the circa 1969 Omega Seamaster Chronometer with black leather strap. I was all set. I looked sharp enough for what I was about to do. I was going to pay for a house.” – originally posted on The Teeritz Agenda, Aug. 21, 2015.

Teeritz brilliantly evokes Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming in his writing, attitude, and style.

Teeritz brilliantly evokes Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming in his writing, attitude, and style.

John C.

John C. kicks back with a very cool, refreshing look.

John C. kicks back with a very cool, refreshing look.

“The Raven”

Well, while I haven’t got a photo (I don’t like taking pictures of myself), I can describe my style. It’s kinda of a classic and simple style, with some rock-music elements – Gazette Adidas Sneakers (usually blue, but right now – turquoise), blue of black jeans (or black chinos), a belt (not that anyone sees it under my un-tucked shirt), a red squared casual shirt. Of accessories I have a wide leather armband on my left arm, a watch facing down on the right arm (I’m a lefty!) (rarely wear them together), and a string of malas in-hand (or in-pocket, depending on the situation); sunglasses are a pair of black tee-shades. I’m also thinking of getting something for my neck, maybe a coin, or some religious symbol (since I became interested in paganism recently), but I’m still thinking about it. When it’s colder, I also put on a t-shirt under the shirt, or a vest, or a sweater. Nothing extravagant really.

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