Supernatural: Dean Winchester’s Barbour Jacket in Connecticut

Today’s post about a much-requested character’s style is the second to be written by the curator of the popular Instagram account @jamesbondswardrobe. Enjoy!

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural (Episode 10.06: “Ask Jeeves”)


Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, nonchalant monster hunter

New Canaan, Connecticut, Fall 2014

Series: Supernatural
Episode: “Ask Jeeves” (Episode 10.06)
Air Date: November 18, 2014
Director: John MacCarthy
Costume Designer: Kerry Weinrauch


If the successful spin-offs of this eponymous piece of small-screen history is anything to say, Supernatural is probably one of the greatest TV shows to ever premiere, arguably up there with the likes of M*A*S*H and Friends. The show centers around two monster-hunting brothers—Sam and Dean Winchester—who are likely just as iconic as the show itself. Trailblazing across and around the American heartland in their family heirloom of a car, the duo investigate and hunt all things that go bump in the night.

With fifteen seasons-worth of lore, it’s quite the task to jam all of it into a brief summarization. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve a knack for iconic jackets, flannels, old-school muscle and classic rock. In this specific article, we’ll be going over a surprising piece of outerwear worn by Dean: an olive Barbour jacket very likely inspired by Skyfall, which had premiered just two years prior.

What’d He Wear?

That Barbour Jacket

As just mentioned, Dean dons a surprising piece of outerwear in this autumn-set episode; the rest of his outfit is somewhat unremarkable, and before you come at me for saying that, do understand that an outfit template for the Winchester brothers had been observably laid out ten seasons before this: a T-shirt, then a flannel/work shirt, and an outer jacket, with jeans and work boots to pair, of course. There isn’t much deviation from this formula, but it also doesn’t wear on the viewer, as their clothes do change quite often.

As a current owner of the very jacket that Dean wears in this episode, I can obviously declare that Dean wears it appropriately. considering the season. I’m not saying this to sound stuffy, but instead to lead into a brief rant about the jacket’s odd lining; which makes wearing it on a daily basis a bit of a task. Especially if you’re prone to perspiration.

For whatever reason, while the body of the jacket is lined in Barbour’s iconic tartan, the sleeves are not. Instead, the sleeves are lined in gray polyester, which may not sound too unappealing on paper (or screen), but do remember that polyester doesn’t breathe. Basically, your arms will sweat first, if anything, which delegates the jacket to being worn with heavy or light long-sleeve layers, and never with short-sleeves. That’s been my experience, anyhow.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Even though he’s smiling, his arms are probably sweating.

Anyway, this jacket is officially known as the Barbour “Heritage Beacon Sports Jacket”, constructed from the same olive 6 oz. “Sylkoil Thornproof” waxed cotton as the “X To Ki To” worn by Bond in Skyfall. The single-breasted jacket is cut with a two-button front, plus a third button at mid-chest. A fourth button placed near the top is designed to be fastened to a throat latch that’s under the left lapel.

The Beacon jacket has notched lapels with a dark-brown leather collar. When the collar is raised, two smaller buttons can be seen under each collar point. These two buttons are designed to hold a removable triangular throat flap in-place, which would provide its wearer with an additional level of protection against the elements. I wouldn’t know, personally—never used mine. Further brown leather trimming is found elsewhere on the jacket, most notably on the edges of each cuff. Additional sporty details include semi-circle shoulder patches and oval elbow patches.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

You’d expect a BAMF like Dean to turn his collar up. After all, who doesn’t while wearing this jacket?

The set-in chest pocket on the left breast closes with a single button under a pointed flap. Two large bellowed patch pockets protrude on each hip, each one also closing with a pointed single-button flap. The left pocket possibly has a “Barbour Dept. B” text patch near the top, but there are aren’t any clear-enough shots in this episode to confirm. The jacket was briefly known as the “Dept. B Commander” before quietly switching to the current “Heritage Beacon” name. The distinction between the “Dept. B” and the original “X To Ki To” was the lack of an inner storm flap, hood, and additional buttons that adorned the latter jacket. The ‘Dept. B’ was obviously designed as a reaction to the original’s explosive debut in Skyfall—pun intended.

The back is ventless, with two vertically zipped “poacher pockets” near the bottom. These pockets were unironically designed as a way for conniving poachers to hide [pretty] small illegal game. Unfortunately for small-game enthusiasts, Dean hides no such things in his rear zip pockets.

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

  The Barbour sports jacket has undergone several subtle redesigns but remained popular in the more than a decade that has passed since it was famously featured in Skyfall. You can find the current iteration of the "Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket" at: Availability current as of Feb. 5, 2023.

Everything Else

As mentioned earlier, the rest of Dean’s combination isn’t exactly exciting, but it’s still tasteful. Here, he contrasts the subtle British-ness of the Barbour with a mid-blue pair of straight-leg “361 Vintage” jeans from Lucky Brand. Dean’s Luckys, like many other pairs of jeans, have four silver-toned metal buttons on the fly, along with the usual five-pocket layout.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

The Lucky Brand 361 Vintage jeans are still in production and available from: Prices and availability current as of Feb. 5, 2023.

Dean also wears a pair of brown leather 8-inch Chippewa logger boots. The character had consistently worn these boots more than any other pair throughout the whole series. They’re made with a rubber sole, featuring a rather tall heel, along with a steel toe and an oiled look. Dean likely pairs them with black ribbed cotton socks.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

In this episode, Dean wears two shirts under his Barbour jacket. The base layer appears to be a basic brown or perhaps burgundy T-shirt. It looks darker in some shots, but the consistency of the brown leads me to believe it actually is brown. This shirt is most likely cut like any regular modern T-shirt, with short sleeves, (possibly) a breast pocket, and a decent, trim fit.

The layer worn over the T-shirt is a light-taupe and light-brown tartan plaid flannel shirt with a small brown overcheck, designed with a plain front (French placket), and two patch pockets on the chest that close with pointed button-down flaps.

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

On his wrist, Dean wears his black Luminox “Navy Seal” ANU 45mm Quartz, ref. XS.4221.NV.F. The watch has a traditional 12/24-hour analog dial, with easy-to-read Arabic numerals and a unidirectional bezel. Dean wears his on the stock leather strap, featuring the embossed logo.

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

The Car

Did you seriously think I’d cover an outfit of Dean Winchester without talking about his Baby?

1967 Chevy Impala SS on Supernatural

The car that ignited, for countless people, an admiration for old-school muscle.

Ah, the 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS. Usually, people shy away from a sedan when it comes to classic muscle. Admittedly, it’s not exactly a common sight. Reports from those lucky enough to pilot this beauty liken it to driving a pickup truck, or a boat. Either way, I can get with the boat-driving if it means I’m gonna look this cool while driving to Walmart or whatever.

The Impala itself was an ever-evolving car. In 1967, the Super Sport (SS) models were probably the most changed from the rest of the line. They were less decorated than the other existing models, distinguished by front grille and rear fender accents, along with body-side accents. These models also lacked the common bright wheel trim of other models. Engine sizes varied greatly, with the top choice being a 427 CID V8, rated at 385 horsepower. Stepping down from that was the 396 CID V8, rated at 325 horsepower. For those that didn’t want the most powerful V8s on the block, Chevy offered the modest 327 CID V8, rated at 275 horsepower. Even lower than that were two versions of the 283 V8, but at the bottom of the barrel was the (poor-selling) 250 CID V6.

When Supernatural began, the Impala was (mostly) stock, meaning it had the aforementioned modest 327 CID V8. Several wrecks, one totaling and more than one restorations later, Dean wisely aims for power in his Impala SS, ostensibly replacing the stock engine for the eighth season with a 502 Big Block, rated at an alleged 550 horsepower. Chevrolet themselves make a 502 Big Block engine, albeit rated a little lower in terms of horsepower. Due to lack of more approximate information, I’m gonna roll with the real-world variant.

Looking inside the car, one will find front and back black leather bench seats, with its gearshift located on the steering column. The front seat does recline, and one can assume the passenger seat does the same. With a skinny leather-wrapped steering wheel, beige suede/vinyl upholstery, an automatic transmission, a cassette player/radio and no CD player, the Impala bears a nostalgic example of late ’60s vehicular interior design. Just look past the extensive weapons compartment built into the trunk.

1967 Chevrolet Impala SS

 Body Style: 4-door hardtop sedan

Layout: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (RWD)

Engine: 502 cubic-inch (8.2 L) Chevrolet “Big Block” V8

Power: 461 hp (343 kW; 467 PS) @ 5100 rpm

Torque: 558 lb·ft (756 N·m) @ 3400 rpm

Transmission: 2-speed “Paraglide” automatic

Wheelbase: 119.0 inches (3023 mm)

Length: 213.2 inches (5415 mm)

Width: 79.9 inches (2029 mm)

Height: 54.4 inches (1381 mm)

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural

How to Get the Look

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural (Episode 10.06: “Ask Jeeves”)

When this episode came out, the Skyfall countryside look was clearly still on everyone’s mind, which just goes to show that Bond is massively influential, even to other on-screen badasses.

  • Olive waxed cotton Barbour “Beacon Heritage” single-breasted 3-button sport jacket with button-flapped breast pocket, button-flapped bellowed hip pockets, rear vertical-zip “poacher pockets”, and leather accents on patches and cuffs
  • Light-taupe and light-brown tartan plaid flannel shirt with a small brown overcheck, cut with a French placket, and likely two patch pockets on the chest that close with pointed button-down flaps
  • Brown (or burgundy) crew-neck t-shirt
  • Mid-blue denim Lucky Brand “361 Vintage” straight-leg jeans
  • Brown 8-inch Chippewa rubber-soled steel-toe logger boots
  • Black ribbed cotton socks
  • Luminox “Navy Seal” ANU 45mm Quartz, ref. XS.4221.NV.F, on a black leather strap

Do Yourself a Favor and…

Check out the series.

The Quote

I’m serious, Izod. Put a pin in it. Or we’ll come back for your preppy ass.

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