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Arrested Development: GOB’s Powder-Blue Sports Coat

Will Arnett as GOB Bluth on Arrested Development (Episode 1.01: “Pilot”)


Will Arnett as George Oscar “GOB” Bluth II, magician (part-time)

Orange County, California, Fall 2003

Series: Arrested Development
– “Pilot” (Episode 1.01, dir. Anthony Russo & Joe Russo, aired 11/2/2003)
– “Altar Egos” (Episode 1.17, dir. Jay Chandrasekhar, aired 3/17/2004)
Creator: Mitchell Hurwitz
Costume Designer: Katie Sparks

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


TV audiences first met the Bluth family 20 years ago this week when Arrested Development premiered on November 2, 2003. As Ron Howard narrates over each episode’s opening credits, it’s the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together… it’s arrested development.

The son in question is Michael (Jason Bateman), arguably the most responsible of the four Bluth siblings, though it could be argued his sensibility extends into self-righteousness as he seeks to maintain a sense of normalcy while raising his son, the anxious George Michael Bluth (Michael Cera)—named after his father and grandfather and not the singer-songwriter.

In addition to Michael, the avaricious George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) and Lucille (Jessica Walter) also raised the absurd GOB (Will Arnett), the spoiled Lindsay (Portia di Rossi), and the sheltered Buster (Tony Hale).

Like his fellow “eldest son” Connor Roy, GOB—pronounced “jobe”, though not everyone in-universe has received the message—harbors some resentment that his smarter and more ambitious little brother has been tapped to succeed their corrupt father’s footsteps in taking over the family’s real estate firm. Instead, GOB is left to defend his magic tricks illusions against his family’s disapproval and mockery. Continue reading