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The Sopranos: Johnny Sack’s Tan Glen Plaid Sportcoat

Vincent Curatola as Johnny Sack on The Sopranos (Episode 3.04: "Employee of the Month", 2001).

Vincent Curatola as Johnny Sack on The Sopranos (Episode 3.04: “Employee of the Month”, 2001).


Vincent Curatola as John “Johnny Sack” Sacrimoni, proud and urbane New York Mafia underboss

New Jersey, Fall 2000

Series: The Sopranos
* “Employee of the Month” (Episode 3.04, aired March 18, 2001, dir. John Patterson)
* “For All Debts Public and Private” (Episode 4.01, aired September 15, 2002, dir. Allen Coulter)
* “Watching Too Much Television” (Episode 4.07, aired October 27, 2002, dir. John Patterson)
* “Whitecaps” (Episode 4.13, aired December 8, 2002, dir. John Patterson)
* “Where’s Johnny?” (Episode 5.03, aired March 21, 2004, dir. John Patterson)
* “In Camelot” (Episode 5.07, aired April 18, 2004, dir. Steve Buscemi)
Creator: David Chase
Costume Designer: Juliet Polcsa


One of the most dapper characters on recent television is John “Johnny Sack” Sacrimoni, The Sopranos‘ enigmatic underboss of the New York-based Lupertazzi crime family. Johnny Sack remains one of the most fascinating and well-rounded characters on a show filled with them. Equal parts cool, menacing, and principled family man, Sacrimoni would prove to be as useful an ally to Tony as he would eventually be feared as a threat. Continue reading