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Magic City: Stevie’s Red Striped Shirt

Steven Strait as Stevie Evans on Starz's Magic City (2012-2013).

Steven Strait as Stevie Evans on Starz’s Magic City (2012-2013).


Steven Strait as Stevie Evans, swaggering and impulsive hotel lounge manager

Miami Beach, spring 1959

Series: Magic City
– “The Year of the Fin” (Episode 1.01, dir: Carl Franklin, aired March 30, 2012)
– “Time and Tide” (Episode 1.08, dir: Ed Bianchi, aired June 1, 2012)
Creator: Mitch Glazer
Costume Designer: Carol Ramsey


As the summer begins winding down, BAMF Style is channeling the effortlessly cool attire in warm weather that the men of Magic City showed off in each episode. This Casual Friday seemed like a perfect time for the inaugural post on Stevie Evans, an unapologetic womanizer who still has some maturing to do before becoming securely comfortable in his own role in the world of the Miramar Playa.

Though his role as manager of the Atlantis Lounge makes him little more than a glorified bartender who’s reduced to making a few extra bucks on the side as a pimp, Stevie seems satisfied with his role – and its many perks – until the events of New Year’s Eve 1958 send him down a collision-course with the most dangerous gangster in Miami Beach. Continue reading