10 Years of BAMF Style!

Hi, BAMF Style readers! Today is the 10th anniversary of my first-ever post, analyzing the iconic suit worn by Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 thriller North by Northwest. In the ten years since that post went live on September 26, 2012, I’ve been honored to connect with so many great people as I’ve felt welcomed into the online menswear community.

It’s been a lifelong journey for yours truly, from being a 7th grader hobbling together a rusty pinstriped suit with my grandfather’s flat cap in the hopes of emulating Robert Redford in The Sting to taking countless screenshots from my James Bond and Mad Men DVDs in my college dorm to try to crack the secrets of sartorial success to ultimately—and quite nervously—clicking “Publish” on that first post detailing my observations of Mr. Grant’s attire as the wrongly accused Roger Thornhill.

While I could never look quite as stylish as the erstwhile Archie Leach, this was certainly how my anxiety felt when I decided to begin a ridiculously titled blog about men’s style in my favorite movies.

To tell the truth, I almost never hit “Publish” on that first post… after all, we all know the internet can be a vicious forum that brings out the worst in people. I even considered just making this a private site, accessible only to me, where I could curate my growing knowledge about the style in movies that I admired without fear of criticism, either for my lack of knowledge or the topic itself. Slowly but surely, I realized that there was not only an audience for this type of blog but an actual community of people who cared about the same things! I would have never guessed that, within 10 years, I would have nearly 10 million views from people around the world reading my humble scribblings about the intersection of my interests. (And, if I had known, I surely would have put more thought into what I called it!)

The last decade has been filled with plenty of exploring, connecting, learning, and—most importantly—getting to know so many of you through your comments and emails, and I remain grateful each day for the empowering impact of those with whom I share this digital space. I was a green 23 years old when I started the blog and now, somewhat grayer at 33, I’m lucky that this little hobby has remained fun and fruitful to a rewarding degree. While I’m not 100% sure what the future may hold for BAMF Style, I hope to continue writing for as long as it stays fun… and we’ll see if my anxiety can continue stubbornly resisting the current trends in content sharing, be it TikTok, starting a podcast, or the next great thing.

With much gratitude, I thank you all!

— Nick

Should any of you be curious, I delved into my web insights and metrics to deliver a few morsels of BAMF Style trivia…

Total number of BAMF Style posts: 1,365
Total number of views: 9,486,372
Total number of visitors: 4,041,718

Top 10 most-visited posts:

  1. John Wick’s Suit
  2. John F. Kennedy’s Ivy League Style
  3. Daniel Craig in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Brad Pitt’s Aloha Shirt and Champion Tee
  5. Bond Style — Bolivian Combat in Quantum of Solace
  6. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone
  7. Collateral — Vincent’s Suit
  8. Aaron Cross’ Biker Jacket in The Bourne Legacy
  9. Dexter’s Kill Outfit
  10. Aaron Cross’ Winter Attire in The Bourne Legacy

A downside of this decade-long longevity? So many of these popular posts are many years old and, in my opinion, require substantial overhauls!

Top 5 decades most represented in BAMF Style posts:

  1. 1960s (282 posts)
  2. 1970s (192 posts)
  3. 1950s (163 posts)
  4. 2000s (145 posts)
  5. 1930s (120 posts)

Top 5 actors most represented in BAMF Style posts:

  1. Sean Connery (44 posts)
  2. Daniel Craig (41 posts)
  3. Jon Hamm (40 posts)
  4. Robert Redford (39 posts)
  5. Robert De Niro (35 posts)


  1. ericjtidd

    Happiest of anniversaries to BAMF Style!!! I have enjoyed it from nearly the start and always look forward to your informative posts! I will lift a Vesper, or an Old Fashioned, or a Jack Rose, or just pour a bottle of brown liquor down my gullet like ROT tonight in your honor!!! Thanks Nick for the last ten, and here’s to many many more!

  2. Lee

    Congratulations Nick, I love the site and the content is always brilliant. This is the Bible of BAMF clothing. Thanks for the time and care you pt into each post. Lee

  3. RM

    Congratulations, I wish you many more should you choose so.
    PS Who would have thought Aaron Cross was so such a style icon, something to be said for utility I guess.

  4. bjgross

    Wonderful site … I’m late coming to it, but enjoy every post, including the older ones I look up … Thanks for all of your hard work. Here’s to much continued success! Brian

  5. Dan Holloway

    Happy Anniversary! Has it really been 10 years!?! Greatest blog ever! Visiting daily since Day 1. Now an important part of my morning ritual. Keep up the great work and we will need at least another 10. Hope you didn’t have plans! Congratulations!

  6. Lucky Strikes M.F.T.

    Congratulations man! I’ve always enjoyed reading your informative articles on menswear ever since I found this site a little under a decade ago. Here’s to many more!

  7. Mike S

    congratulations! sometime in 2019, i started reading the blog from the beginning, and its been really enjoyable. i’ve seen a few movies that i otherwise wouldn’t have 🙂

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