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Steve McQueen Robs a Bank in The Getaway

Steve McQueen as Carter "Doc" McCoy in The Getaway (1972).

Steve McQueen as Carter “Doc” McCoy in The Getaway (1972).


Steve McQueen as Carter “Doc” McCoy, Texas bank robber and parolee

Texas, Spring 1972

Film: The Getaway
Release Date: December 13, 1972
Director: Sam Peckinpah
Men’s Costumer: Kent James

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


If nothing else, I hope that this blog has served the purpose of further informing the world as to just how cool Steve McQueen is. If life should throw enough lemons at you that you decide your only way to succeed is to rob a bank, at least do it in style and follow Steve’s example.

McQueen plays Carter “Doc” McCoy, a paroled bank robber who teams up with his wife Carol (Ali MacGraw) and a few cronies to take down a Texas bank and line the pockets of a crooked political boss. The film is an excellent piece of ’70s action drama, full of twists, double-crosses, and Sam Peckinpah’s trademark violence. Continue reading