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Vanishing Point


Barry Newman as Kowalski in Vanishing Point.

Barry Newman as Kowalski in Vanishing Point (1971)

Barry Newman as Kowalski, car delivery driver and disgraced ex-policeman, race car driver, and Vietnam veteran

Across the American west from Colorado to California, Summer 1971

Film: Vanishing Point
Release Date: March 13, 1971
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Wardrobe Master: Ed Wynigear

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!


Today’s post wraps up the first BAMF Style Car Week! I figure there’s no better way to end it, especially on Flag Day, than with the all-American 1970 Dodge Challenger in the archetypal “car movie”, Vanishing Point.

For those unfamiliar, Vanishing Point is the greatest feature-length car commercial in history. After I first saw it, all I could think about for months (okay, years) was how much I wanted my own white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 440 Magnum V8 engine and a 4-speed Hurst pistol grip shifter. Of course, fans know it’s about far more than just a cool car.

The screenplay was written by Guillermo Cabrera Infante, a Cuban novelist who based his story off of the true life high-speed pursuit of a California teenager who refused to stop and was killed when he crashed into a roadblock. He added another layer from real life—the disgraced career of a San Diego policeman—and the foundation for Vanishing Point was set. Continue reading