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George Jung’s White Leisure Suit in Blow

Johnny Depp as George Jung in Blow (2001), from New Line Cinema.

Johnny Depp as George Jung in Blow (2001), from New Line Cinema.


Johnny Depp as George Jung, international cocaine dealer

Miami to Colombia, Summer 1977

Film: Blow
Release Date: April 6, 2001
Director: Ted Demme
Costume Designer: Mark Bridges


Pablo Escobar: So, you’re the man, huh? Who takes fifty kilos and make them disappear in one day.
George Jung: Actually, it was three days.

As a multimillion dollar-earning international drug dealer, George Jung was well-known to drug culture and law enforcement by the time Bruce Porter’s 1993 book, Blow, was released. However, it was the Ted Demme-directed 2001 film of the same name that brought Jung’s life into the mainstream with Johnny Depp in the lead role. Continue reading

Dexter’s Dark Blue Linen Shirt in “See-Through”

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan on Dexter's episode 2.04, "See-Through".

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan on Dexter, episode 2.04, “See-Through”.


Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Miami Metro Police forensic analyst and serial killer

Miami, March 2007


When he wasn’t sporting his trademark brown henley and cargo pants for a kill, Dexter Morgan dressed very fashionably and practically for his tropical surroundings. The second season of Dexter, lauded by fans as one of the best, finds Dexter confronted by his gruesome habits and branded the “Bay Harbor Butcher”. Since Dexter had killed more than fifty victims by the time the season started, any police department would be way over their heads with such a discovery, let alone the totally incompetent Miami Metro Police Department of the series. The MMPD calls in the FBI, notably eccentric super agent Frank Lundy.

By the fourth episode, “See-Through”, Lundy and his task force – which now includes Dexter’s sister Debra – are ramping up their case against the Butcher. Continue reading

Rusty Ryan’s trip to Florida

As the weather continues to cool down, some people may choose to head south for their holiday celebrations. If this applies to you, take an example from Brad Pitt’s Florida suit in the Ocean’s Eleven remake. Happy 49th birthday, Mr. Pitt.

Brad Pitt as

Brad Pitt as “Rusty” Ryan in Ocean’s Eleven (2001).


Brad Pitt as Robert “Rusty” Ryan, hustler and casino heister

St. Petersburg, FL, Spring 2001

Film: Ocean’s Eleven
Release Date: December 7, 2001
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Costume Designer: Jeffrey Kurland


Disclaimer: Reading the tips on this article will not make you look like Brad Pitt, nor will women treat you like you are Brad Pitt. However, it may give you a few steps in the right direction when emulating the great style that defined Ocean’s Eleven. Continue reading